Crafts with Ms. Carol: Give a Hoot!

Do you think you can make a fun birdie craft, using only simple tools and materials that you probably already have around the house?   Well, owl think you can!


  • a brown paper grocery sack
  • some colored paper (you can use construction paper or just a colored envelope from your household mail)
  • a pencil
  • a saucer
  • a cup
  • kids’ scissors
  • glue or a glue stick
  • a black pen or maybe a button or two from your adult’s sewing kit.


Place the folded paper grocery sack flat on a sturdy table and, on it, use your pencil to trace around an upside-down small saucer.  (This will be your owl’s body and head). Then, on the same sack, trace your left hand and then your right hand – – your adult can help with this. (These hand tracings will be your owl’s wings.)

Trace around hands and saucer.
Looks good!

Now cut out the circle and the tracings of your hands, using kids’ scissors.

Cut out the tracings. Ask your adult if you need help!

Then, on the colored paper, trace an upside-down cup; this circle will be your owl’s face.  Also trace a plastic pop-bottle cap twice, to make your owl’s eyes. Cut these three circles out, too.

Use whatever color of paper you like to trace around the cup and bottle cap!

Use glue or a glue stick to attach your hand tracings to the owl’s body, for wings. Glue the large colored circle to the owl for his tummy. Cut out and glue a tiny colored triangle shape for his beak, and glue the two small colored circles for his eyes. 

If you happen to have some googly eyes in your craft box, you can use them to finish his eyes.  Or maybe your adult will share a dark button or two for his eyes.  If you don’t have either of these, use a dark pen to draw the small circles in his eyes.  If you like, you can even make him wink!!

Nice to meet whoo!

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