Out + About: November Arts & Culture Guide + Book List

written by Victoria Phillips

November brings cooler weather and a slew of holidays and cultural events happening in Birmingham. Learn more about what you can celebrate this month and the books to help you do it.

National Novel Writing Month: or NaNoWriMo for short

NaNoWriMo is a website dedicated to helping people of all ages learn to write novels! Every November, students from around the world submit novels and participate in virtual writing groups. There is a program specifically dedicated to helping young writers write and submit a novel. Check it out here.

In Our Collection We have Many Books that can help young writers formulate their stories and gain confidence in their writing.

Dream it, Do it! Get Writing:

Call Number: J808 GuiC

This is an awesome book with large, easy-to-read text that helps young writers collect ideas, develop characters, get inspired, and set the scene. With colored pictures and writing activities sprinkled throughout, this book is a great resource for writers of all ages to learn how to write their 1st novel. 

Creative Writing: The Plot Thickens

Call number: J 808.02

This book dives into literacy tools that help spice up your writing. With topics like Dialogue, Diction, and Figurative language, this book is great for older readers who are ready to take their writing to the next level. It also explores topics such as genre, atmosphere, viewpoint, and structure and includes activities with each topic. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward guide to seasoning your writing, look no further.

Veterans Day:

The My Name is America Series: The Journal of Rufus Rowe A Witness to the Battle of Fredericksburg.

JF Dear

This book is a part of our My Name is America series which tells first-person diary accounts of famous events in American history. The story is written from the perspective of a local witness to the Battle of Fredericksburg, an important battle in the Civil War. This is a great middle-grade book for fluent readers.

I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg

JF I Survived

Similar to the My Name is America series, the I Survived series tells the first-person perspective of spectators who endure memorable moments in history. The I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg tells the story of a young man who experiences the battle first hand. Be sure to check out the other I Survived stories to experience other iconic moments throughout history.

Indigenous People’s Month

Among the many holidays happening this November, one is Indigenous Peoples Month! We have a variety of books to help you celebrate this year’s Indigenous Peoples Month.

Navajo Code Talkers

Call Number: J940.54

This delightful interactive book explains the work done by the Navajo Code Talkers in WWII. The Code Talkers were a select group of translators that translated secret coded messages in the Pacific front of WWII. This book comes with keyword definitions, pictures, and many coding activities. If you are interested in WWII, secret codes, and information that was once classified, this is the book for you.

Bowwow Powwow

Call Number: P ChiB

This adorable picture book is about a girl with vivid imaginations, her dog, and a love of storytelling. After attending a Powwow with her family, she falls asleep, and in her dreams, she imagines a Powwow with her dog, Itchy Boy.

Black Friday + Cyber Monday with a Sustainable Twist 

Maya’s Blanket

P BroM Spanish

P BroM Vox

Maya’s Blanket is a part of our Vox Book collection and our Spanish collection. Vox books are battery-powered books that read the story out loud to you as you flip the pages. They come charged and ready to use. Maya’s Blanket tells the story of Maya’s beloved manta (blanket) that gets repurposed into a scarf, hat, and eventually a blanket. The story inspires us to value and reuse old things and might just motivate you to consider crafting instead of shopping this Black Friday!

Get Real: What Kind of World are you Buying?

Call Number: J174 RocM

This book is a detailed dive into the story of our stuff. It touches on everything ranging from recycled water bottles to fair trade cocoa. This book will have you second-guessing the things that you are buying and thinking deeply about what happens to the items you throw away. With smaller text and text-heavy pages, this book is not for the faint at heart. I would recommend this book to older readers who are interested in the environment and sustainability and enjoy a more challenging read.

Max Goes to the Recycling Center

Call Number: E Max

This book is a part of our Easy Reader collection and is perfect for introducing younger readers to the basic concept of recycling. With simple vocabulary, large texts, and adorable illustrations, this book is a fun introduction to learning the life of our things. Check out the other books in the Max Goes collection to get an introduction to other places in our community.

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